Saturday, 7 September 2013

Deadspace Review

Greeting readers!

It's been another long time between posts. What can I say? I've been terribly busy with Uni and serving the great unwashed, sorry about that.

So, as a treat to you, I've made a video review of Deadspace. I only got as far as the first ten minutes, so I couldn't tell you if it turns out to be a good game. But hopefully the video will frustrate a few fanboys! Please excuse the sarcasm and the effeminate voice. ;)

I feel it came out okay but I need to talk a bit more and cut them a bit shorter in the future.

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- R -

Friday, 28 September 2012

Source Filmmaker

Source Filmmaker (SFM) is used in-house to make cut scenes for Valve games. This was released to the public a couple of months ago, free of charge and it has set YouTube on fire!

It really is a very nice piece of software allowing animators and amateurs alike to product some very interesting films. If a producer uses their own props and assets they can even sell their films!

Your's truly managed to get Beta access and I made a very short, short. I have seen another video pay tribute to God awful film: The Room, their results were much finer than mine!

SFM works like this:
  • Create a scene
  • add actors / props
  • manipulate the timeline with animation and audio of props
  • add more scenes
  • repeat until done
Of course, this is a greatly simplified explanation of the process. I think you would need to write a book to cover everything.

What I find rather cool is that people are using Xbox Kinect to record their movements and then parsing this data into SFM to produces some rather stupendous results.

Other notable videos

Crikey, where has the time gone?

Well I started this Blog with the intention of writing frequently, this hasn't happened! I plan to write a little more now for personal development.

"What has changed in two years?"

I have a new job working in retail. I'm not going to lie, dealing with human garbage can be extremely tiresome and does make me have violent thoughts from time to time! This job however, gave me the incentive to do something better with my life. After a very stressful day I reached crisis point where I knew if I didn't start to get the ball rolling I would forever be working terrible jobs.

In the past I had looked for programmer training but I found the prices rather hard to swallow. On this day of change, I looked on the Open University website and found that they do Computing and IT degrees. Spending the afternoon looking through my options it, seemed perfect! As an added bonus because I am only working part-time and on a very low wage I have managed to get the degree paid for; as long as I get the grades and as long as I am poorly paid. I have been very lucky with this as now the OU has stopped this and is instead offering traditional student loans, but because I started before September 2012 I am on the old scheme.

I completed my first module TU100: My Digital life,  I suppose the best way to describe is a chocolate box with a few of the horrible ones you don't like. That is to be expected with any module, I think. It covered a wide array of subjects including computer history, Maths, encryption, programming, ubiquitous computing plus much more. As it was my first module some was based around academic practices, these skills have transferred to my work place. I actually learnt a lot more than what I was expecting.

A module works like this; you receive your study materials in the post and work through it, along with this you have imcas which is essentially an automated quiz, it helps drill in what you've learnt plus activities as you progress.There are six assignments and one end of module assignment. While the studying and assignments are happening every few weeks there is an online conference with the rest of my tutor group and several face-to-faces however I only attended one of the latter. As for support I joined a Facebook group and used my tutor group forum, most importantly I had a tutor who's I could brain pick when I was struggling.

I think I've done okay, easily passed on programming and Maths alone, but there is definitely a weakness in my writing so I'm going to be using this Blog as a place to practice my writing hopefully making me much sharper for the rest.

I felt this module was a hoop I had to jump through before I could start doing the awesome stuff like coding in Java that and the fact that as this is a level one course it doesn't affect my grade when it comes graduation time, maybe I would have studied a little harder?

On October 6th, I shall be starting my next module MU123 discovering Mathematics. This will only be 8 hours a week, taking up half the time of TU100 and I'm really looking forward to it!

Right, time to stop typing!

- R -

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Medal Of Honour - Beta

Greetings readers, I received an email from EA today offering me to beta test the new Medal of Honour multiplayer! As my internet is totally crap I cannot try it myself. I thought though I should share it with you readers, so if you fancy you can try it out for yourselves.

Operating System: Windows Vista (SP2), Windows 7. 
Processor: QuadCore 2.0Ghz. 
Memory: 2GB RAM+. 
Video Card: A video card with 512MB of VRAM and one of the following chipsets: NVIDIA GeForce GTX260; ATI Raedeon 4870. 
HDD Space: 2GB. 
Soundcard: Soundcard with DirectX 10 compatibility. 
DirectX: DirectX 10. 
Disc Drive: 16X CD/DVD Drive.

Check it out HERE.